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Water is a necessary need of humans, and researches proves water functions as a factor for smooth brain functioning. The sad situation is, university students don't get enough drinking water sources at their disposal. In my university, we have to walk a long way, walking stairs,  from our lecture rooms or common rooms to the university canteen. This tends students not get adequate water, even they feel the thirst. This is a health issue, universities and the government should be more concerning about these things.
asked Apr 28, 2016 in Public Concerns by Milindu Sanoj Kumara Starter (107 points)  
edited Apr 28, 2016 by talk_admin | 34 views
Exactly, this had caused many kidney related issues as well. Because, there is no water source near-by, students tend to bear the thirst, which ultimately lowers the water consumption per day. Even though this sounds insignificant, this should be taken into attention.

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