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I would like to know the entire process of patenting an idea or even a prototype product. What are the documents that one should produce in order to patent an idea, what is the exact process and how much money is involved when patenting an idea?
asked May 1, 2016 in Legal Help by Ashan Maduranga Starter (103 points)   | 21 views

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The process is:

  1. Understand what inventions or ideas are eligible for a patent. Please read that the following cases;
    • Computer Software - These can be copyrighted, but not patented.
    • Designs - You can patent your designs, even if you haven't already built it.
    • Scientefically engineered subtances or organisms can be patented.
    • Abstract theory, which cannot be implemented practically - Then you can't patent it
    • Laws of nature and physics - Cannot be patented.
  2. Your idea should be new, non-obvious and useful
    • New - If you have heard of it. Even if not, search about it.
    • Non-Obvious - Is this something that other people also can easily think of
    • Useful - Can this be used practically?
  3. Are you eligible to file a patent?
  4. Conduct a research to make sure that the idea is not already patented.
  5. Get legal help
    • Consult a patent attorney.
  6. Prepare an application and apply for it.

This is not a simple process as it seems. However, those were extracted from a nice guide from wiki-how on this matter.

I hope it helps.

answered May 2, 2016 by Praneeth Peiris Starter (177 points)  
edited May 2, 2016 by Praneeth Peiris
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