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I'm planning to start a small IT company, which does freelancing software and websites for clients. I also have some friends who are willing to work with me.

What is the procedure of getting it registered? What are the fees related to that. And please advice me on what type of a company that I should start it as?

asked Apr 30, 2016 in Companies & Institues by Praneeth Peiris Starter (177 points)  
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Obtaining approval for registering a Name

Any organization registered under the Company Act No. 07 of 2007 should get a business name reservation.

  1. Search the database of the registered companies through information portal of ROC or search manually the books kept on the information counter of ROC to check whether the same name or similar names have been registered.
  2. Fill the Name search form (i.e., A16) through information portal or manually using the form collected from the information counter of the ROC after verifying that the same name is not recorded in the business names registry. If the name includes initials, please indicate what those initials stand for.
  3. . The form A 16 is examined at the public information counter (if you hand over the form). More information may be requested depending on the manner in which the forms have been filled. This may be done by e-mail if portal is used
  4. Send a Name search application using portal paying Rs. 581 (fees Rs. 500/= + 12% Value Added Tax (VAT) + Processing charges) (only Sampath e-Wallet, Master and Visa cards are accepted) or submit manually by paying Rs. 560 (Fees Rs. 500/= + 12% VAT) to the Shroff counter at the Department of ROC.
  5. The Name verification document is sent to the database administrator who will run a search for similar names which he will list and submit to the Registrar General of Companies.
answered Apr 30, 2016 by Dinuka Wanasinghe Starter (136 points)  
selected Apr 30, 2016 by Praneeth Peiris
Thanks a lot for your response.
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