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I'm planing to start small IT company with my friend while we both working in private sector. In first stage we were planing to grow company up to some level while we're working . Is it possible to register the company like that in Sri Lanka low ? And be an owner.
asked Apr 30, 2016 in Companies & Institues by Binosha Weerarathna Starter (111 points)  
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I'm not fully aware of the legal aspect of this. But as for my knowledge, working for two companies is not illegal as long as you're not involved in any illegal work.

However, you may also consider the employment agreement of both companies. Because, some companies restrict an employee working for another company by the employment agreement. Some companies do not enforce such limitation, but you're not allowed to work for a competitor organization. And that is highly unethical of you doing so as well.
answered May 4, 2016 by Praneeth Peiris Starter (177 points)  
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