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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

When you're a part of our community, we urge you to follow the terms and conditions related to us.

What is Sadisi ?

The main intention of Sadisi is to enable the community to discuss the general problems they're facing, especially which affects the community as a whole. You also can ask problems which are subjected to you or a group of people.

Sensitive Information

Confidentiality of information

We do not expose your information unless you've chosen to do so. Your personal information will not be exposed when you post something as anonymous.

How we collect information?

When you register as a user in the normal procedure, we only take what you provide us (i.e. Name, Email etc.). However, if you register through a social network such as Facebook or Google, we acquire the information which are visible to the public audience. We guarantee that we do not access your photos, messages, wall posts etc. And also, we do not hold the permission to "Post on behalf of you" to social media networks.

Terms and Conditions related to the things you post

Even though posting copyrighted material is not always a crime, you should be aware of that from your side. Moreover, the user is solely responsible for the content posted by him/her, while we (sadisi) is and will not be responsible for them by any means.

Adult Content

You are NOT supposed to post any adult content (videos, images or links) on this website. When you're subjected of such an event, it may cause suspension of your user account temporarily or even permanently. If you have a question related to sexual health, please be mindful of the language you're using and make sure to use a descent tone.

User Accounts

One user should register one and only one user account. If you're subjected of maintaining multiple accounts or a fake account, your account will be suspended. If you want to maintain a profile for an organization that you're representing, you must give a prior notice to our team along with the relevant documents.


Spammers will not be tolerated. And also you're not allowed to promote a commercial brand or a product on this website, unless it's coming through our administration as an advertisement. If you want to advertise with us, you should contact the admin of Sadisi (, instead of posting it as a question.

Sharing on Social Networks

You have the right to share your or someone else's question on social media (Facebook, Google, Twitter). We, Sadisi will also share such posts if we believe that will help the community outside our boundary.

Anonymous Posts

You can post a question as anonymous if you don't want to expose your personal information and we will make sure that it will remain as it is. However, there can be some incidents that you're supposed to register in our system in order to post or/and answer.

Your Responsibility

As an honorable member of Sadisi community, you'll be given the power and the responsibility of using it for the betterment of the humanity. If you see malicious post/comment, you always can down vote, flag or even report it. If you're appointed as a moderator, you have the power and responsibility of blocking posts and users, and editing posts if they have improper content. Remember : With great power come a great responsibility.

For further questions

Visit the FAQ page or use the feedback form to get in touch with us.

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